The Genuardi’s Experience

I detailed the problems shopping while blind in the previous post, and won’t rehash that. After our harrowing experience with Acme, we decided to give Genuardi’s a try, per my Mom’s suggestion. We had a much better time. They have always prided themselves on customer service, and they lived up to that with us.

Firstly, they do not have an accessible web site, but their regular site does have a “Disable Images” link. Do this immediately for best results if you use a screen reader. It doesn’t solve all the accessibility issues, but it does go a ways to making things easier. Also, don’t even try going there with a text browser, such as lynx. You will have to use Internet Explorer, or Firefox. To add something to the cart, you will have to find the button with an image filename which contains “Add to cart” in its string. It takes a little getting used to, but it does work. The time selection when checking out can present a problem as well, as it presents a table with radio buttons. If you want delivery on a weekend, you will have better luck selecting a four hour window, again you will have to find the weird image button for that. Once you do that, just select the first radio button, and you will get the first available timeslot. You can go from there. They offer surprisingly good leeway in letting you change your

order, so don’t worry if you get the wrong time or something. They won’t jerk you around like Acme.

After placing it, we awaited the delivery from eleven to three on Saturday. Around twelve thirty, the lady showed up. She sounded enthusiastic and eager to please, as contrasted with the Acme guy, who seemed to have problems speaking. With the Acme guy, we could only make out four phrases: “Yes,” “All right,” “Kitchen,” and “Table.” The Genuardi’s lady on the other hand asked where we would like the groceries, and brought them into the kitchen. She then asked if we would like help putting them away, and without a word, began unloading them, reading them, and giving them to me to put away myself. We rarely experience this level of customer service. You would think people would like to help the blind, but it doesn’t happen as often as you might think or as we would like. It did here, however, and it left us feeling very satisfied.

It seemed like night and day to compare and contrast Genuardi’s with Acme. We will definitely go back there to shop online, especially because they have some of our favorite desserts. Forget Acme. We still love our local co-op of course, but when we can’t get them, or if we need things they don’t have, we will go with Genuardi’s every time. Nice job!