Moving to a New Machine

The time has finally come. I got my Windows computer redone with all new hardware. I thought I’d gradually get my other two Linux machines redone, and continue merrily along, but Goddess had other plans it seems. This Linux machine may have bad memory, or a bad CMOS battery, or some other evil problem, but it could crash at any keystroke. The other Linux machine, which handles all AuBroadcasting’s streaming and some other duties, has a long and weird history, too much to go into now. With all the talk of consolidation, downsizing, and the like, I have decided to consolidate everything onto one machine, and switch that over to Linux. The Windows machine, since it has reliable new hardware, makes the obvious choice, plus Windows “Repair” whacked it out so the TCP/IP stack works less than optimally. It can see other machines, but they can’t see it, so I would have to redo it anyway.

I always have had one Windows machine, considering it a necessary evil, so this represents a big step for me. Linux will become my primary OS, and I will try to get Windows running on a VM console so I can use the programs which require it, but this truly feels like stepping into my own, where the walk and the talk merge. I know in my heart Linux will provide what I need, but unfortunately some programs only work under Windows, and others use them, so I must as well, like many things in our world.

It really does feel like moving – packing up old things, checking all the nooks and crannies for forgotten long-lost items, and saying good bye to the things that enrage or comfort you, and finally and with a twinge of sadness shutting and locking the door for the final time, before surrendering the keys back to the universal void from whence they came.

This basically means that I will have a bunch of work ahead of me, and probably will go out of touch for a few days at the least. I will try to answer email, and read my twitter and facebook if I can, but I can’t promise anything, so apologize if anyone needs me. If you have my number, then call me if you need anything, or just want to check up, otherwise I’ll see you all on the other side.