A Review of Three Kinds of Chocolate Almonds

Bec and I got to try three kinds of chocolate-covered almonds. Almond A came from [Nuts Online.

](http://nutsonline.com) Almond B came from Campbell’s Healthfood store, in Des Moines. Almond C came from [Taza!


Almond A has a smaller size and harder shape. The chocolate tastes

more bitter, and contrasts well with the almond. It stood up very well

against both other kinds of almonds, which cost more.

Almond B has a thicker, creamier, richer layer of chocolate around

it than Almond A. Yes! It does cost $16/pound, so it better taste

good! It does.

Almond C, since it comes from Taza, tastes completely unique. It has the healthiest chocolate, closest to raw cacao. It has a more subtle taste.

We hope you enjoyed our review of three types of chocolate covered almonds.