I love my Bag Elite!

I love my netbook, but have wanted a case with a shoulder strap. The one recommended on Amazon only had handles. Friends felt similarly, and recently, one emailed me a link to the Netbook Bag Elite. I love it!

It looks more like a small suitcase than a bag, but it has the feel of a bag from having so many compartments. I can hardly count them all, but they all have a purpose. It has a small zipper pocket in the front, where I keep my newly acquired Olympus digital voice recorder, along with its accessories. Behind that, it has a cool Velcro pocket, with two perfect pockets for small devices, media cards, and the like. Each of these two little pockets has a pen holder. I haven’t found a use for this compartment yet, but I know I will. Next, we come to the small major compartment. It has a zipper which goes a little ways down on each side, securely closing it but making it easily accessible. I have all my netbook accessories in it, such as my charger, a spare Ethernet cable, and the like. It also has a smaller mesh bag on the outer wall where I keep a USB thumb drive, a USB four port hub also purchased at the same time, and a packet of Taza Chocolate stashed away for safe keeping.

Now, we come to the main netbook compartment. This compartment has a zipper which goes all the way down the bag, effectively dividing it in half. It can open all the way if you want, but usually you don’t need to. It makes for easy packing, though. My EeePC 1000HE fits snugly in it. It feels very cushioned by all the padding around it from the different compartments. The security makes me feel better about it. The back part has a separate Velcro compartment in it as well. I keep my desk stand in it. How many compartments does that make? Ten? I had to count three times. The back has a Velcro strap for attaching the bag to another piece of luggage. The bottom has little legs to help it stand, and it has Velcro-locking handles.

Now I must discuss the shoulder strap, since I got it because of that. At first, I couldn’t figure out why the bag didn’t have the hooks for the strap on the sides, as most things do. Rather, one hook resides on the front right corner, and the other on the back left corner. This makes it rotate back over your side closer to your back, rather than just hanging at your side and getting in the way. I found this ingenious. The strap has swiveling hooks to keep it from tangling, and the combination works. The strap has a broad support for the shoulder, making the whole thing extremely manageable.

The skin of the bag feels very rugged and professional, but still plush and slightly yielding. The whole thing gives my netbook and its accessories a very compact, portable, integrated, accessible, and secure feel. I have made my netbook become my new note-taker, and this bag represents an essential component. If you have a netbook, you really should take a look at the Bag Elite. I love mine! They named it well. It will make you feel elite, and confidence is key.