Seeing with Sound, a Piece about Echolocation

A few months ago a woman named Meg Cramer wrote me. She had read my article about using echolocation to see sculpture and wanted to interview me for a radio piece. Of course I agreed. We met and had a great interview. She just published the piece, and calls it Seeing with Sound.

I enjoyed it. She talked to Lore Thaler, who studies echolocation. She then used me to balance the theoretical with the practical. I demonstrate a little about how echolocation works, and touch on the problem loud noises can present. I also explain how it gives a true sense of immersion.

Lore says it doesn’t give the experience of sight and that she doesn’t see visual forms. I would agree that it doesn’t give the same experience, since we get snapshots and without color, but I most definitely see visual images. Meg also talked to Dr. Chris Baker who studies radar systems, and wants to use the insights gained through studying human echolocation to improve them. Fascinating! I also think she did a good job on the audio mix. I particularly liked when she mixed me naming off images in my echolocation library underneath me talking about the process.

Again, just follow this link to hear it for yourself. If you want to learn more about echolocation, I’d recommend you start with my detailed account of my three-day intensive. If you want to try it for yourself, I’d recommend A Beginner’s GUide to Echolocation. And if you want to go for the gold, contact World Access for the Blind. I feel so excited, and thank Meg Cramer and PRX for helping bring awareness of this important skill to the masses. It should begin airing in Seattle and on other radio stations soon, so keep your ears and eyes open.