Touch Tours in the AP

This summer I trained to become an assistant docent conducting touch tours at the Museum of Archeology and Anthropology at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then we have had the tours every monday, and will end on the 16th. By the end we will have had around 350 guests, and used something like 1500 hand wipes.

We have now appeared in the Associated Press! Last week a photographer and a reporter came and went on the touch tour, and interviewed some of us afterward. They wrote an amazing article completed with captioned descriptions. They also made a wonderful video. I thank them for featuring me in both.

These tours have broken ground, and this publicity helps. Museums can no longer say that they can’t do a program like this, or that they wouldn’t have enough interest. We have enjoyed tremendous success and look forward to doing ancient Rome next year. I have to say, a few months ago I never thought I would have appeared in the AP for helping create a touch tour in a museum. Thank Goddess I went on that audio described sunset sail on the Delaware river and met Trish!