Fake News from my Real Senses

I had a fascinating experience while floating. For those who don’t know, floating means spending time in a sensory deprivation tank, floating in water with epsom salt. I go to Halcyon Floats once a month. It helps me stay centered in our stupid always-on society.

The float started, but I felt disturbed. I had issues with the silicon earplugs, as I prefer the rubber ones. They seem to provide better soundproofing for me. This comes down to a purely personal taste.

Time passed…

Suddenly I felt a buzzing vibration and the water start to move. I realized that the filter had turned on, which happens at the end of a session. Had that much time passed already?

“Don’t worry,” I said to myself, “it’s just fake news.”

I continued relaxing but the vibration grew stronger and the movement of the water continued. I wondered exactly how long I had spent in the tank. I bolted upright and removed the earplugs, making them useless. I discovered quiet surroundings and calm water. I had hallucinated the whole thing!

Some time later, the filter came on for real. It felt totally different. This underscored the experience. I believe that I entered the vibrational state, and almost left my body. It felt like jerking awake while falling asleep, which you have likely experienced. I didn’t realize how deeply I had gotten into the float.

I believed that I had only entered a light trance, when in fact I had entered something much deeper. You really should try floating sometime.