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The Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club's weekly net meets on Wednesday nights at 08:00 PM. on theWM3PEN repeater in Philadelphia. Come and join us on 146.685 MHz, with a PL of 146.2 Hz. Bring your questions, announcements, and stories of your latest ham radio adventures.

73, Austin, KA3TTT



  • N3JEC question
  • KC3PGT 73
  • W3WHK
  • N3ZZK 73
  • K3FZT 73
  • W3AZT 73
  • KC3QPB 73
  • WB2BXO


Next HARC meeting November 18. W6NBC about copper and illuminum tape self adhesive antennas.

[k3pdr] Parks on the Air: Lessons from the Park class 12/19/2021 9-Noon Upper Pottsgrove Twp Building

The ARRL online auction starts today.

Sol, N3UBY, doing great.


N3JEC Jonathan. First time. N3JEC wants to get on an HF from an apartment. I recommended magnetic loops

KC3PGT suggests a wire out the window, but watch out for fines! Still no luck with his Alpha Loop.

W3WHK will activate WM3PEN for PAQSO.

N3ZZK put up his 160 mmeters antenna. It loads up almost flatlined. Two coil sloper. OH/NY/NJ. Special event S90K, an island off of the African coast. Philadelphia, PHI a hard county to get. A city as well as a county.

K3FZT referred to the evolution of the net. Well said. K3CJ created a meaningful legacy. Still building an RMS Winlink gateway.

S9OK hits everyone except W3AZT! In the null, the weakest part of the antenna. Possible RFI computer issues. He eventually got it with FT8.

WB2BXO suggests fox/hound mode. Check his gray line, and wait until the last few days of the expidition.

KC3QPB, Abraham-shaw, second net checkin.

W3AZT compares FT8 to buying a nice bike with a motor. The longer the transmission the better the chance.

WB2BXO says that slow speed CW was common for 160 in the past. 160 sounds different now. Before repeaters control ops had CW ids.



  • wa2uar
  • kc3pgt
  • n3zzk 73
  • wb2bxo
  • kc3ddo Len
  • w3ae Horace


  • Helping Joe with his antenna
  • October 16,WRAET Hamfest
  • 10-10Fall CW Contest
  • Illinois and New York QSO Parties
  • Worked All Germany


WA2UAR shot footage of the MS150. 129 hams involved. Will probably airing November 7th. Eric Gordon, KC2JL interviewed. A wheelchair user, she and her Dad did MS150 for years. Submit future show ideas. Hams with disabilities. Project MORE. 500 hams.

KC3PGT wrapped things up with MARC to commit to here. Thanks Cliff! Working with ARC and Philly ARES. SET (Simulated Emergency Test).

N3ZZK worked S9OK. He finally got them on 15 meters SSB. They seem to hang around FT8 or FT4, PSk31.

WB2BXO got them on 30 meters CW. A new country on 30 meters. Worked Croatia on 10 meters FT8. Worked RJ1RL in Antarctica on FT8. 30 meters nice and quiet, below 200 Watts. Propagation follows the gray line at this time of year. S9OK went on the OL MIS net but refused to move.

W3AE re K3CJ retiring: "It's about time. I retired 3 times."

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