The Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net

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  • K3FZT 73
  • KT3H
  • N3JEC
  • W3AZT
  • K3BLA Joe
  • WB2BXO


HARC made 387 contacts on Field Day.

Upcoming Laurel VE session

13 Colonies


  • RAC Canada Day


K3FZT worked mostly GOTA. Jeff bought a 1960s vintage teletype machine. Had a RTTY QSO in NC. A couple techs upgraded. Helped with a 65 ft tower with VHF/UHF antennas.

KT3H worked with Marple Newtown. A YL upgraded to tech and upgraded to Extra in April but never got on HF.

N3JEC worked with Philmont. First Field Day. Only did Winter Field Day before. Worked 40 meters with N3PEG. Enjoyed putting a face to a call.

W3AZT worked digital, FT4 and FT8 from 09:00 PM-04:00 AM. Made 49 contacts. Enjoyed using Saul's Icom. Pretty bad bugs (insects). Perhaps the tone of FT8 makes them relax. Dave showed up at 04:30 AM and got attacked by bugs. He will work digital for 13 Colonies.

WB2BXO worked 3 hours, 65 contacts on 40 meters CW with the Heathkit.

N3JEC coming up on his 1 year anniversary.

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