Heil Sound Pro 7 iC Headset Mic

I have to thank Gordon West, W5YI for helping me get my technician and general class clisenses as a kid, and for helping me get back on the air without looking like an idiot. At some point in his audio CD course he recommends buying a good quality microphone from Heil Sound. Initially I thought I would get a desk mounted microphone, but the guy at Ham Radio Outlet recommended this headset mic. He promised me that it would take my ham radio to the next level, and I can understand why. The headset in combination with the Elecraft KX3’s surround sound combine into a glorious soundscape. I honestly don’t do much work on phone, but I can just fold the microphone out of the way when not in use.

Check out the Heil Sound Pro 7 iC Headset Mic!

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