Golden Sections

I just released my first RubyMotion gem. I called it Golden Sections. It lets you create views based on the golden mean. I hope you enjoy it.

The idea started when making a view for a game. It occurred to me that I would have labels and values, a very common thing to do. Then I realized, instead of picking some arbitrary or round percentage, why not use the golden mean? This in theory would enable me, a blind developer, to make views that look more visually appealing.

Artists have known of the golden mean for thousands of years. The greeks wrote about it. Leonardo da Vinci used it in his works. Faces which conform closer to the golden mean look more beautiful. And the latest version of the Thesis WordPress theme employs it.

The README explains how to use the gem, so I won’t repeat it here. I find the implementation interesting, especially adding a golden_sections method to the Numeric class. I wrote a common handler for several of the methods, which cut down on duplicate code. I also wrote some nifty tests. Let me know if you use it in one of your apps. The concept of making visually appealing layouts purely with mathematics fascinates me. Give your apps the Midas touch with Golden Sections!