Writing a Simple RubyMotion App with VoiceOver

While publishing my Golden Sections gem for RubyMotion, a friend on Twitter had an idea. He suggested making a podcast demonstrating how to write a simple RubyMotion app. Apparently some blind people have started selling their Macs because they believe they cannot program on them. I believe I have disproved this. Sighted people also felt curious, so I hope they will find it valuable as well.

The app asks the user their name, then displays it in an alert. I have written this simple program in a dozen languages, starting with AppleSoft BASIC. Now I can add RubyMotion to the list. It makes an easy demonstration. I use Geomotion, SugarCube, and Bubble-Wrap to make life easier. I also highlight the recent improvements to SugarCube which help make the REPL accessible with VoiceOver.

I recorded a podcast going from start to finish. I create the app, write a spec, test the app in the simulator, and deploy it to an iPad. I recommend getting the code from GitHub to follow along. Have fun. Write in if you enjoyed it or have any questions. I hope it will encourage you to check out RubyMotion and start writing apps of your own.