Neuroscience-based Pain Reduction

When I began practicing Qigong last April I had severe eye pain. Moving my eyes took effort, but Qigong immediately began to help.

A number of weeks into my practice, my Qigong teacher told me that one of her students named Helen Rice specialized in something called Neuroplastic Pain Reduction. I emailed Helen and she replied, but I felt in so much pain that I couldn’t deal with it. Two weeks past and she followed up. Her empathy and understanding of my condition impressed me, so I scheduled a free consultation.

After five sessions I had the tools to approach my pain in a whole new way. The brain responds to emotional stress in the same way as it does to physical stress, and an emotional pattern has a physical trigger in the body. I will give an example I don’t mind sharing. When going to school I had to carry several bags of heavy technology. In time this caused shoulder pain. I literally had too much on my shoulders. Now as an adult, if I take on too much responsibility I will still get the pain in my shoulders, but without carrying the bags. Carrying the heavy bags as a kid created the neural pathway which activates as an adult when under that particular type of stress.

This process caused me to go back through all of my emotional patterns, back to my first memories and even before birth. At times it felt like such a hard path, but ultimately it has led to a greater level of self awareness. I understand why I made the mistakes that caused everything to come crashing down two Thanksgivings ago, causing me to have so much eye pain that I had to stop working. That will never happen again.

If you can find someone in your area who does neuroplastic pain reduction then I recommend at least trying a consultation. If you decide to go for the process know that it will take all of your strength, but you will ultimately know victory if you stick with it. It compliments other modalities wonderfully. Between this and Qigong I feel like a whole new person!