QRP for Apartments

I run a QRP (low power) station from my Philadelphia condo. They do not allow outdoor antennas, so I use a magnetic loop. It sits on a tripod by my window. I chose QRP partly because I did not want to cause interference to the 53 other apartments in the building.

Last night I got one of my neighbor’s packages delivered to my door. She messaged me on Facebook, and I left it by her door. I figured I may as well tell her about my ham radio station. I worried that she would respond with something like “Oh, you’re the reason I hear that weird buzzing and muffled speech!” Instead, she replied that she hadn’t noticed anything.

I said that I participated in a contest (the CW NAQP) for ten hours on Saturday, so if she didn’t notice anything so far then I don’t feel worried. I thanked her for the confirmation and said that it means a lot, and it does.

Stay safe with QRP!