Inner Rivers Flowing Qigong

My Qigong teacher Iris Kitagawa-Rainey recorded a video of me doing one of our favorite forms called Inner Rivers Flowing. We have had class in the park all summer and into the autumn. We recorded it near a rosebush. Usually we repeat it nine times on each side, but for the video we only did it three times.

I had a strange experience while listening to the video. It has a lot of background audio, and I heard none of it while doing the exercise. Qigong focused my awareness so effectively that I didn’t even notice.

This form starts turned to one side, with one foot in front of the other. Stand on the heel of the front foot. Inhale and circle the hands up so the palms face the body at chest level. Exhale, turn the palms forward, and push. At the same time, come down onto your front foot. Inhale, flip the palms so they face the body, and pull. Bring up the toes of the front foot again so that you stand on your heel. Exhale, flip the palms, and push Qi down the front leg into the Earth. Tuck the head and round the back. Your slightly cupped hands should move down the front of the leg towards your foot, with the heel resting on the Earth. Inhale, flip the palms, and pull Qi up the leg as you straighten. Bring the hands up and start the next repetition. Repeat for nine times in total, then switch sides. We usually end with a healing breath where we bring our hands half way up then back down, but this time Iris had me bring my hands over head, which caught me a little off guard.

I love this form. It always makes me feel tranquil. I count it as one of my headache helpers.