The HARC Elmer Net

Recently, I began hosting the Elmer Net on the HARC repeater. In ham radio terms, a net works like a round table. A Central station called a net control takes checkins, then goes down the list, giving everyone a turn. In ham radio parlance, an elmer means a teacher. Hence, the Elmer Net lets people come and ask their questions. When I got back into the hobby I heard it a few times, then finally checked in and began asking questions.

Time went on, and Steve, W3AZT, the main net control, began hinting that he would have to stop running the net. A few of us said we might have an interest, but no one officially stepped up. I considered it, but only would do it if I had a backup. If I wake up with a headache I will not feel like running a net!

It came time for #100, Steve’s final net. Cliff, KC3PGT, said that he could not commit to running the net regularly, but he would volunteer as a backup. That gave me the confirmation I needed. The net wound down.

“Well, we’re coming to the end of the net, and nobody has stepped up, so I don’t know what will happen next week.” said Steve.

My turn had come to speak during the final round. I said that I would do it with Cliff as my backup. At first it felt surreal, but I have started settling in. It feels good to give something back to the hobby. I hope to see you there. You might even get a gold star!