N3ZN ZN-9 Iambic Key

I will always remember going to the ham radio room at the Franklin Institute, and becoming enchanted with the iambic key. This device sends Morse Code using two paddles - one for dots, and one for dashes. Holding them together alternates dots and dashes in an Iambic fashion.

When I got back into ham radio I knew I needed an iambic key. After a lot of reading reviews I settled on this ke from N3ZN. Several reviewers referred to Tony Baleno’s keys as works of art. . That sounded right.

It sends like a champ! I first got a sense of this when I worked 24 QSOs in the North American QSO party. Beautiful!

Update: I switched to single paddle keys, and my brain won’t let me do iambic keying anymore. i now use the W1SFR Titan.

Check out the N3ZN ZN-9 Iambic Key!

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