My New Year’s Resolutions

I wanted to list some of my new year’s resolutions to bring everyone up to date on my progress and goals.

Catch Up on my Blogging

I’ll put this one first because I haven’t published anything on here since the summer, and some interesting things have happened.


I practice QiGong for two hours every day. I love it. I will have a lot to write about it as my practice continues.

Neuroplastic Pain Reduction Training

Along with Qigong I also underwent a process called Neuroplastic Pain Reduction Training with a woman named Helen Rice. It has taught me to think about pain in a whole new way.

I switched to Android.

I may as well break the news. It happened in the spring, I just wanted to wait for time to pass so I could gather an opinion, and I have needed to focus on my health. I have an Essential Phone. Several people have confused it with an iPhone X, which always makes me laugh. It goes much better with Linux, which I use as my primary desktop.

Switch to a non-systemd version of Linux

Speaking of Linux, I have had it with systemd. It breaks the Unix philosophy, and I end up cursing at it every time I have an emergency. Enough! I’ll likely switch my desktop and laptop machines to Slackware, specifically Slint64. I will also migrate this server to a new one running Slackware, which I have already purchased.

In case you don’t know, systemd refers to an init system for Linux. It provides system initialization functions after the kernel loads. I hate it.

Have Fun with Radios

I know I’ve resolved to do this a few times, but this year I really mean it. I have a general class amateur radio license. This summer I purchased a Kenwood THD-74A as a birthday present. I still need to really use it. I want to have as much fun as possible from my city apartment, a hostile RF environment. I also want to venture into the world of software defined radio.

Write Disboardia

I have wanted to write a bulletin board system since running one as a teenager. I made a first serious attempt a few years ago, and learned a lot. I began the new version before my health issues started. A client ripped me off, which burned me out on programming for the rest of the year. The BBS needs to return. Before the internet we would run our own small social networks, though we didn’t use that term then. I have a coherent vision and intend to implement it in Ruby.

Learn Clojure

I want to learn a functional language, probably Clojure. I don’t know if it will happen this year, but I enjoy learning new ways to think. Lisp has such a rich heritage.

Mystery Fun Projects

A few other fun projects might happen. I wrote a popular BBS door game which some people apparently want to see revived. I have a few interesting ideas about spreading accessibility awareness. I will likely write some code related to internet radio. Who knows what else?