A Healing Sound

A lot of time has passed since I have last written. My healing journey has continued with a lot of success. I wanted to share a fascinating revelation I had while floating in a sensory deprivation tank.

A few years ago i received echolocation training. This enables a blind person to see by making a tongue click. I use it all the time. It really does work.

To make a proper click, you need to keep the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth while snapping the middle part of the tongue. Explaining it makes it seem even weirder. I finally understood it by imagining the sound one might make to call a dog, but sharper. This pronounced sharpness gives the click as high a frequency as possible, which gives the highest resolution.

Learning to make a consistently high quality tongue click requires several weeks of practice. The muscles in the tongue take time to build. While developing this skill, my trainer recommended making an “Shshshshshshsh” sound. This produces a fuzzier image than a sharp tongue click, but it works, and requires no training. You could start using it right now.

I have gotten deeply into traditional Chinese medicine to heal myself from chronic pain. I use all four branches, especially Qigong. I practice for at least two hours every day. I find it extremely helpful.

In traditional Chinese medicine, each of the body’s five organs have energy meridians which branch out to the sensory organs of the body. The liver connects to the eyes. The five organs each store a different type of emotion. The liver stores the emotion of kindness if healthy, or anger if unhealthy. I wonder if this explains the seemingly large amount of angry blind people. If someone has anger towards their eyes then this would create a negative feedback loop.

Many Taoist traditions have an exercise called the Six Healing Sounds. Each of the five organs has a sound to cleanse it of its type of negative emotion, and the sixth sound clears the body of excess heat through the triple heater. The liver has the healing sound of “Shshshshshshsh.”

How interesting that the Healing Sound for the liver, which connects to the eyes, can help the blind to see. It also soothes a headache, my other major symptom. I love Qigong! By the way, The Sanctuary of Tao sells an excellent version of the Six Healing Sounds. My Qigong instructor Iris also taught me a standing form. Find a version and give it a try.