Welcome to my shack! I got my amateur radio license at age twelve after a visit to the Franklin Institute’s radio room. In 2019 I returned to the hobby as part of my healing process. I needed to reclaim my lost hobby from childhood. Now I live in a condo in south Philadelphia. My antenna farm consists of a stealth end-fed, and whatever VHF antennas I can cram on my window sill or on a tripod. I hope to have a QSO with you sometime.

I operate QRP and CW. Low power operations reduce the chance of interfering with my neighbors. I enjoy the fun-loving spirit of the QRP clubs and events. I do plan to move to the suburbs. You can guess one of the main reasons.

I began learning Morse Code as a child from my grandfather, who flew seaplanes in the Navy during World War II. He made me a chart which my Mom raised with Elmers Glue. I remember reading it while going to sleep. A few years later I got some tapes and got serious. To my delight, when I got back into the hobby I could still copy at an acceptable rate. CW gets the most distance per Watt. I think of it as a second language. I love it.

I run the Holmesburg Amateur Radio Club Weekly Net on the WM3PEN repeater, 146.685 MHz, pl 146.2 Hz. The net meets every Thursday at 08:00 PM. I will listen for you.

I handle traffic for the Philadelphia area. Please send any radiograms via the NTS net or via email.



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